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"People will buy into what they helped build."

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4-Phase Methodology


During the “Discovery “phase we will engage your team, ask questions, collect data, and draw detailed process map from both the customer’s and employee perspectives This reveals what it’s really like to work in your organization

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We analyze our finding with you and discuss the project approach and priorities list to ensure success.

Puzzle Solution

We design the step-by-step approach for implementation, and impartially evaluate appropriate vendors using the evaluation criteria matched to your unique business requirements.


During the “Implementation” phase we oversee the implementation, data migration, test new/redesigned solutions, train your team, and ensure go live is successful.

CPC Pillars of Success

Our goal is to become your go-to source for optimizing your resources and maximizing profits.  We provide innovative solutions to complex business processes.  If you know things can be done better in your organization, we can help you get there.

  •  No Copy & Paste Policy: we don’t recycle strategies or vendors

  • Authenticity: we collect facts and data from your business and present our findings

  • Vendors: we have an impartial approach to selecting vendors​

  • Craftsmanship: our deliverables are completed with accuracy, detail, andprecision.


  • Experience and industry best practices are standard in our business offerings


  • Thorough: we cover every aspect of when collecting data, leaving no stone unturned

  • You’re the client: our commitment is to do what’s best for you and your team


  • Deliverables: on time and on budget


  • Trusted advisor: the end of a project is not the end of the relationship, we’re available anytime

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We've increased productivity 45% by transforming manual procedures into automated and integrated processes

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