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  • Customer Experience CX

  • Client Retention

External Change

Your Clients

  • Change Management

  • Employee Engagement Assessment

  • Employee Satisfaction

  • Team Building  

  • White Board Sessions  

  • Communication & Accountability 

  • Corporate Culture

  • Collaborative Environment

Internal Change

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  • Automation

  • Digital Upgrade 

  • Adaptive Technology 

  • Document Repository 

  • CRM System 

  • Streamlining Reporting 

  • Invoice Management 

  • Training  & Development

  • Minimizing Human Error

  • User Experience Design Strategy UX

Internal Change


  • Business Process Improvement - BPI

  • Organizational Effectiveness

  • Strategic Initiatives

  • Requirements Gathering

  • Proactive Planning

  • Reactive Mitigation

  • Project Incubation to Implementation  

  • Project Planning  

  • Research  & Analysis

  • Design Thinking Methodology

Internal Change


  • Process Assessment

  • Operational Gaps Analysis

  • Streamlining Internal Processes  

  • Business Process Mapping

  • Business Continuity Planning

  • Manage Current Resources

  • Vendor Management

Internal Change

Current State

  • User Guides  

  • Policy & Procedures  

  • Onboarding & Orientation 

Internal Change



 As a transformation partner, Cornerstone Paradigm Consulting offers a variety of distinct services and solutions with the goal of serving all our clients holistically across their blueprints of business transformation. Combined, this collection of services and solutions provide a unique balance of transformational strategies for companies and businesses who wish to restructure themselves to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
The business transformation avenue for each organization is unique. For example, a particular strategy for change may involve intents such as enterprise systems deployment, or organizational redesign. Another organization’s main concern may be totally different, such as customer steadfastness, mobile business or outsourcing.
This comprehensive approach to transformation is the unique value that Cornerstone Paradigm Consulting LLC’s brings to enterprises. Cornerstone partners with companies as a change-agent champion to ensure successful transformations. 

As you lead transformation within your organization, Cornerstone acts as your global change partner by:

●    Creating custom enterprise and industry solutions
●    Streamlining internal operations and improving processes
●    Identifying and removing roadblocks to customer success
●    Integrating technology and systems upgrades
●    Strengthening corporate culture and team relationships
●    Achieving sustainable success for your company 
●    Maximizing business transformation investments

NYC WBE Certified

New York, New York 


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