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Amanda A. Russo

Founder & CEO

As CEO and founder of Cornerstone Paradigm Consulting, LLC, I empower companies to dream bigger by fixing what isn't working so they can make room for larger and better things. It is gratifying as the go-to professional they come to for advice.

My company focuses on end-to-end business operations. We concentrate on the people, the processes, technology, and customer experience. I provide business advice, strategy, solutions and solutions to scale your business.

I follow the markets and latest trends in technology and collaborate with thought leaders to implement cutting-edge solutions to address my client’s pain point.

Some examples of the impact I’ve had for my clients include:

• Saved an eCommerce client 84% in cost reduction in their supply chain, manufacturing, and logistics expenses.

• Lowered consumer cost of product in supply chain lifecycle by 40%.

• Reduced credit card processing fees by 10% a month.

• Reduced patients’ waiting-room time 50%—from three hours to one and a half hours.

• Streamlined a healthcare client-intake process and drove conversion rates up by 50%.

• Built new department intake call center and increased new client onboarding processing time by 40%.

• Reduced human error by over 85% with automation and 3rd-party integration in the legal sector for intake process.

• Decreased returns process for an eCommerce consumer goods business from 7 to 30 days down to 10 seconds.

• Consolidated the IT bandwidth utilized for the client intake process and added the ability to attach client’s document.

I'm organized, smart, thorough, and thoughtful. I believe there is a solution for everything if you consider the facts. I assemble all the pieces together to solve clients’ problems to help them flourish. I am ready to help you solve yours.

Amanda A. Russo