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Our style is agile, collaborative, and accommodating to meet the requirements of your people, procedures, and technologies.

Cornerstone Paradigm Consulting Time is Money

As a transformation partner, Cornerstone Paradigm Consulting, LLC offers an abundant amount of distinct services and solutions with the goal of serving all our clients holistically across their blueprints of business transformation. Combined, this collection of services and solutions provide a unique balance of transformational strategies for companies and businesses who wish to restructure themselves to meet the challenges of the 21st century.


The business transformation avenue for each organization is unique. For example, a particular strategy for change may involve intents such as enterprise systems deployment, or organizational redesign. Another organization’s main concern may be altogether different, such as Employee Engagement, the buildout, and utilization of current software, or Business Process Improvement.


This comprehensive approach to transformation is the unique value that we bring to enterprises domestically and internationally. We partner with companies as a change-agent champion to drive  Operational Excellence and ensure a successful transformation.


As you lead transformation within your organization, Cornerstone acts as your global change partner by:

  • Creating custom enterprise and industry solutions

  • Streamlining internal operations and improving processes

  • Identifying and removing roadblocks to customer success

  • Integrating technology and systems upgrades

  • Strengthening corporate culture, team relationships, and Employee Engagement

  • Achieving sustainable success for your company

  • Maximizing business transformation investments


Working close together with our clients, we harness our extensive competences and expertise to help deliver effective results. These results offer a meaningful and measurable effect that helps you grow well in an ever-changing environment.

NYC WBE Certified

New York, New York 


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