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Parallel Lines


Amanda A. Russo

Founder & CEO

As a young child I was a natural born problem solver. This talent has carried into my career and speaks to my resourceful nature, tenacity, and strong work ethic...


Anna Fobair

Digital Media Editor

Writing is my forte, and social impact is my passion. As an Iowa raised, New York City-based communications enthusiast, I’m devoted to making a positive impact in the world...



Rachelle Mascardo

A Marketing and Social Media Management professional with strong administrative and organizational skills. For the past 15 years, Rachelle has learned to master Customer Support, Writing, E-commerce, and Project Management as an addition to her growing list of skill sets. As a result-oriented individual, Rachelle plans to pursue and expand her knowledge and skills more. Also, a graduate of Mass Communication Major in Broadcast Journalism and Bachelor's Degree in Nursing as Valedictorian at a prime University of the South. She is happily married with 2 kids.


Brianna loves telling stories of faith, hope, and love through her art, photographs, and writings. She is a lover of books, theater, and she is a fan of The Beatles and Taylor Swift. By profession, she is a content creator & specialist and a multimedia artist.

Mary Grace Gravador

Grace is managing social media accounts, handling project management on LinkedIn strategically. Expert at outsourcing or lead generation. As a result, Grace helps grow professionals for leads. Exemplary student of Filipino Virtual Assistance Consultancy. Where she took the Freelancing Course, Social Media In-Depth Course, Email Marketing Course, Brand Marketing Course, Facebook Ads Course, and Graphic Design Course. Trained to be exceptional in planning, execution, and analytics of social media accounts. Keen on increasing the numbers of followers and engagements. Can define the most important metrics and KPIs. Grace studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Interior Design at the University of the East Philippines. Worked at Cegos Asia Pacific as a virtual assistant and current business partner of Shawn D’Cotta in Social Selling Agency Singapore. Grace has been working as remote administrative support in logistics. She is able to work independently and is hardworking. Grace is in love with designs and colours, she enjoys creating art. A matured wife and a supportive mother of 3.


Samantha Currie

Cameron Allen

Grace Engler

Stanton Cook

Kelsey M. Tyrrell